June 21, 2024

Signs Your Property Needs Underpinning

If your house sits on a week or shaky foundation, that can be really dangerous and you need to consider foundation repairs as soon as possible. Among the possible foundation repair methods for existing structures; underpinning is very popular as it gives protection for the house preventing collapse. In case, if you buy an old house without checking possible cracks or needs for foundation repair work, here are some signs which give you an indication of a week foundation. If you experience any of these signs, it is wise to contact a professional foundation repair contractor to get their advice.

Signs Your Property Needs Underpinning

What is underpinning?

Before everything, you may need to know what is underpinning. Underpinning is the way of strengthening the week or shaky foundation using concrete or metal supports. In the underpinning method, the ground around the affected area will be excavated. This excavating area will be around the foundation and footings in order to strengthen the foundation. Then concrete or metal supports will be inserted in order to stabilize the property. Anyway, it is essential that a well-experienced foundation contractor undertake this underpinning task.

Check Structural Underpinning Methods in Construction

Signs Your Property Needs Underpinning

While cracked walls and floors are the most common signs of week foundations that need underpinning, there are other signs too that need your attention. Below are the most common signs which indicate the need of underpinning. Also, read this post about foundation repair with underpinning

  • Cracked walls and floors

Due to week foundations, your house can get deep cracks. These cracks are different from the slight cracks in your plaster. If you notice any deep cracks on your floor or on your wall, then it is an indication of a necessity of underpinning. In case if you notice such deep cracks, call a foundation repair contractor in order to book an inspection and to get their professional advice.

Signs Your Property Needs Underpinning
  • Unleveled floors

Due to week foundation, your house will start sinking or shaking. As a result, you will experience unleveled floors. This is an urgent situation which you need underpinning by a foundation repair contractor.

  • Difficult to close Doors and windows properly

Sinking foundations can affect the level of floors and door frames. As a result, you will experience that you can’t close the doors and windows as before. This is due to the misalignment of door frames which you need to take immediate action. Underpinning can be the solution if this is due to a week foundation.

  • Leaning property

With a week foundation, your house will start tilting to one side. If you notice such a sign, that indicates a week foundation and urgent needs for foundation repairs.

Other than the above signs, you will also see tree roots on your foundation which is a possible sign of failed or cracked foundation. There may have gaps around the window and door frames. If water pools around your house, that can be due to a failed foundation that needs urgent repairs.

What to do if you notice the above signs?

If you notice the signs of a week foundation, it is necessary to take immediate action. The above signs can be indications of the week or failed foundation. Therefore your property may need urgent foundation repairs or underpinning. As such, don’t wait until it is too late. Contact an underpinning contractor in your area and get their advice. A well-experienced foundation repair contractor will help you with underpinning solutions making the foundation strong enough to bear the weight of your property.

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  1. I wanted to thank you for explaining when underpinning would be needed for a property. I didn’t know that unleveled floors is a sign that your house is sinking or shaking. I’m interested to learn how you can tell if the floor is uneven or if you just have to test it every now and then.

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