May 16, 2024

Construction Machinery : The True Versatility of Avant Loaders

If you’re not yet familiar with the range of Avant Loaders, you should head over to Avant Tecno to take a look at why this Finnish company has become a major player in the mini loader industry. If you don’t have the time, this article offers a good overview of the different solutions on offer and how they can benefit different industries.

The Range

Avant currently offers a range of eight loaders, each of which comes with various sub-models based on engine size, lift capacity, fuel type, standard features etc. Let’s now take a look at the range on offer.

Avant Loaders

Avant 200 Series

This series is the smallest and lightest in the range, offering numerous benefits to those who require a cheaper alternative to the high-powered options. It comes with a lifting capacity of 350 kg, a 20-25 hp engine and a 1.4 m lift height. This very small compact loader has up to 42 Litres per minute hydraulic flow and is ideal for powering lawn mowers, flail mowers and range or general site and ground maintenance attachments.

Avant 400 Series

Next up is the Avant 400 series offering a larger 550 kg lift capacity as a result of a 22 hp engine. It’s a good overall machine suited for more intense maintenance tasks. It has a lift height of 2.8 m, rivalling even some of the higher capacity machines. A top speed of 12 km/h it is quicker than the 200 series loader and still maintains a narrow width for work in confined areas which landscapers, arborists often come across.

Avant Loaders

Avant 500 Series

This loader is unbeatable when it comes to power to price ratio. It features an impressive 950 kg lift capacity and a 26 hp Kubota engine. It has the same light height as the 400 series, but offers an improved top speed of 19 km/h. This machine is ideal for many industries including agriculture, construction and general ground maintenance. Its strong piston type Poclain drive motors make capable for the toughest of site and agricultural conditions.

Avant 600 Series

With a lift capacity of 1100 kg, the 600 series is a very powerful mini loader. This lifting capacity is achieved via the help of a 37.5 hp engine. Whilst it has the same 2.8 m lift height as the 500 and 400 series loaders, the 600 series has a top speed of 22 km /h with a massive 66L per minute hydraulic flow rate, this makes the turning of rotary attachments such as mowers and brushes much faster increasing productivity by getting the job done quicker.

Avant 700 Series

The Avant 700 series until very recently was the largest and most powerful in the range. It’s mainly targeted to heavy users in the construction, agricultural and forestry industries. A whopping 57 hp engine offers a lift capacity of 1500 kg and a lift height of 3.1 m. This makes it a truly versatile machine capable of rivalling small tractors and other machinery. It also has the added benefit of a 26 km /h top speed.

Avant 800 Series

Launched in May 2019 this brand-new design really is the big brother Avant. It pushes the limits of compact loader performance with 1.900 kg lift capacity and 3,5 m lift height. Still, its dimensions – width 1,5 m, length 3,4 m, height 2,2 m and weight starting from 2.500 kg – and articulated design make the 800 series a very versatile and powerful compact loader.

Avant R Series

The R series is marketed as a ‘different kind of Avant’. The key difference here is that the loader is steered from the rear. This offers different manoeuvrability and is ideal for use in tight areas like cramped woodland, small stables, and pig farms where corridor type passages need to be serviced. An impressive 1050 kg lift capacity is achieved with the help of a 37.5 hp engine. The machine offers a 2.8 m lift height and a 14 km /h max speed. The R35 is like the 6 series but adapted to work in tight areas.

Avant Loaders

Avant e Series

The e series loader is a fully electric solution with a 900 kg lift capacity via the help of a 9.2 kW motor. It has a lift height of 2.8 m and a top speed of 10 km /h. The machine is ideal for interior work, grounds maintenance, and other uses where fumes are less desirable. It can also help add to a company’s environmental credentials, showing they are a responsible firm that care about the environment.


The vast range of available attachments is where Avant loaders come into their own. Each loader can be specified with different tools and attachments suitable for a variety of uses. If you can think of an attachment, Avant probably have it. Some examples of the attachments on offer include the following:

  • General purpose buckets of different sizes, including high-lift options.
  • Specialised buckets including grapple buckets, concrete mixing buckets, and stone collecting buckets.
  • Ground maintenance tools such as harrows, levellers, compactors and rakes.
  • Yard/ground maintenance tools such as push brooms, bucket brooms, and lawnmowers.
  • Farming attachments such as silage forks, bale grabs/handlers, and bedding distributors.
  • Logging industry tools including log grabs, log splitters, and woodchippers.

Why Avant

Avant is a company dedicated to innovation. They have won numerous awards showcasing their devotion to producing high-quality multi-purpose loaders. If you are looking for a mini loader that will offer numerous benefits, you should certainly consider this company.

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