June 21, 2024

How do you Maintain your Canadian Roof in Each Season from Possible Damages

Roofing maintenance is really important for any home to function properly. It is really easy to find tips to maintain a roof. However, in this post, I’d like to share some specific tips that are for homeowners of Canada. With different weather conditions and seasons, you need to know specific ways to maintain your Canadian roof in top condition avoiding leaks and other damages. You can’t use any tip that is available for roof maintenance generally, simply because of the snow and rainstorms that your roof undergo in Canada.

Therefore, below are some of the tips to maintain your Canadian roof in each season from the possible damages.

How to maintain your Canadian Roof in Each season?

During the winter

How do you Maintain your Canadian Roof in Each Season from Possible Damages

During the winter, it is common that your roof undergoes a cold chill. Therefore Insulation is important to protect your roof and then to keep your home warmer during the winter. Your attic should have at least one layer of proper insulation to withstand the damages and cold chill.

Improper insulation can lead to water condensation. As a result, you will experience roof damages including the ceiling.

Ice dams are common during this season. To prevent ice on your roof, you can remove snow from your roof, however, this also can damage your roof shingles if you don’t do it right. To prevent further damages to your roof, it is always wise to call a Canadian roof contractor who offers roof repairing services.

During the Spring

During the spring, you will experience the warm weather. Although your Canadian roof will not undergo any snowfall, there are chances that rodents and other creatures such as squirrels to get on to the roof. This can result in sliding of shingles. Also there may be trees that come in contact with the roof covering which you need to consider trimming and maintain in order to protect your roof.

How do you Maintain your Canadian Roof in Each Season from Possible Damages

During the Summer

During the summer, you need to improve ventilation. It is necessary to install ventilation in your attic by using ventilation fans and by removing any objects that block the attic space and vents. Growth of Moss is common during this season which you need to pay attention to in order to prevent damages to your Canadian roof. Moss under shingles can also cause the problem of pitting in shingles. Other than improving ventilation, you can also get a Canadian roofing contractor to inspect your roof and do necessary precautions in order to prevent the damages due to Moss and pitting in shingles.

During the Autumn

During the Autumn, you will start experiencing gradual drops in temperature and your Canadian home and roof will also undergo the same weather changes. During this season, falling leaves can damage your roof. Your eavestroughs can become collectors of leaves which can cause the roof to damage. These fallen leaves can cause damages to your Canadian roof by damaging the roof sheathing and rafters. Finally, that will be a repair which you will have to expend much if you don’t take precautions to avoid the accumulated leaves on the roof and eavestroughs.

Although you can remove the fallen leaves by yourself, it is always wise and easy to hire a professional contractor to do this task.

Above are the possible risks for your home and roof if you live in Canada. To maintain your roof in good condition, it is important to have regular maintenance. In Canada, the roofs undergo different weather changes frequently which cause risks of leaking roofs.

When to hire a roofing contractor in Canada?

How do you Maintain your Canadian Roof in Each Season from Possible Damages

Although you can do some of the above-mentioned tasks alone to keep your roof in good condition, it is also easy to find a roofing contractor who is specialized in Canadian roofs. If your roof is damaged with wind or hail, if you see some parts of bare wood in some of the areas of your roof or if the shingles are lifted, then you will need to contact a professional Canadian roofing contractor to repair your roof and prevent further damages.

How to select a Canadian roofing contractor for your roof repair?

Before you hire any roofing contractor, it is always important to get a quotation for the work. You will need to explain the damage to your roof properly when you request a quotation from the roofing contractor. However, most of the roofing contractors in Canada, offer free estimation after inspecting your roof. This inspection will be always useful for them to offer the estimation. Always be sure to check all the items in the quotation. If any item is missing in your quotation for the roof repair work, that will cause you extra money at the end of the work.

You will need at least 3 quotations from different Canadian roofing contractors for your roof repair work. Finally, compare the quotations with their reputation and experience. Always, the lowest quote will not be the best quote. The lowest quote may be missing some of the work items that you wanted to include which can be additional work after completing the work. Additional work always needs additional payments which can finally make it the highest quotation for the work.

You can also hire a professional to check your quotations and compare those in order to select the best roofing contractor for your Canadian roof repair.

I hope these tips are helpful for you to maintain your Canadian roof in the best condition in each season without problems such as leaking, damages to the ceiling and missing shingles.

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