June 21, 2024

Top 5 Reasons Why Supplying Portable Bathrooms on Job Sites is Important

Renting a portable bathroom is an extremely useful thing for job sites where construction workers and engineers are overseeing the building of a new wing at a hospital, creating an office building or some other important structure. Getting caught short on-site and needing a toilet can be embarrassing when no one has thought to provide these types of facilities. That’s also the case when a client comes to visit the site and needs to use the facilities themselves.

Reasons Why Supplying Portable Bathrooms on Job Sites is Important

Here are the top five reasons why supplying a portable bathroom (or two) for the job site is not to be forgotten.

Not Upsetting the Neighbors

Having many construction workers nearby is one thing but seeing them walking around trying to find a restroom to relieve themselves isn’t a fun experience for the neighbors. This is especially true when there are 10+ workers in the same predicament several times a day. When a large enough portable bathroom with a sufficient waste tank is installed, the facility is usable for several days before the tank will need to be emptied and the facilities cleaned top to bottom. This resolves the issue for the workers and saves the neighbors from a headache too.

Compliance with Safety and Health Standards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration already recommends that construction sites supply portable toilet facilities for people who’ll visit or work there. The regulations make the point that in a situation where there’s no access to sewer/toilet facilities or water provisions, then this recommendation comes into effect. However, it’s fair to say that toilets are needed even for one-day short projects unless an agreement can be reached with the local client or neighbor to use their facilities for that day. Not everyone will be happy to agree to this, so a rental is a better option there.

Cost Savings

Losing worker time due to them having to loaf around trying to find a toilet facility isn’t time that a construction manager can afford to lose. They need all-hands-on-deck to get projects finished. There’s usually a rush to complete projects on time and on budget, so the last thing the manager needs is to keep seeing construction workers disappearing for a toilet break and not returning for half an hour each time.

Better Sanitation

A restroom facility can be provided that’s pre-sanitized and comes equipped to auto-clean certain aspects remotely every few hours. People are sometimes assigned to multi-day installations to maintain hygiene standards. Not only do the toilets and washbasins get cleaned, but toilet supplies are replaced, and an air freshener is included to give the environment a necessary sprucing up too. Certainly, everyone who uses the facilities will appreciate this attention to detail.

Not Having to Use On-site Client Facilities

It depends whether the job site is right next to the client or not. Some job sites are a distance away and so it’s not convenient for the construction workers to pop into the client’s restroom(s). Tracking in the dirt, debris and construction remnants through the office carpeting and hallways is certainly not appreciated either. Leaving a good impression means construction teams need to make their own arrangements, as the client has appearances to keep up at their office or warehouse.

Just making up lost time from construction workers using washrooms some distance away from the job site often covers the cost of toilet rental. If there’s a suitable place to situate the rental facility, then there’s little reason not to make the provision.

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  1. I want to make sure that there are some portable toilets on the construction site that I can rent for my workers. As you mentioned, it’s good because we won’t upset our neighbors this way. Personally, I think that it’s going to save us on costs as well since they can focus on work if they have some toilets on the site so I’ll look for some companies that offer this so we can rent some from them.

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