June 21, 2024

Attaining Security Through Panelling

Did you know that when it comes to ensuring the security of your home or business, safety is so much more than a pad and lock – rather access panels have become diversified into acting as another means of security. Security access panels range from high, medium and low security – and depending on the purpose and goal, the level of security varies. These panels are typically made with steel or aluminum making them nearly impossible to penetrate. These panels can be found in residential homes; however, they typically are found in businesses that store highly classified information or prisons where every precaution of safety measure is put into place.

Security Through Panelling

Access panels are typically known for being made of drywall or plastic and merely a temporary solution. The truth is, access panels have evolved to do more than hide hideous wires and plumbing, now they have the functionality to act as a sound absorber, insulation or a security door. The evolution of the access panel to becoming a security panel means they can be less conspicuous therefore only enhancing their security features.

What makes a security panel a better choice than a mere lock and pad?

Security access panels are typically made with a heavy-duty metal and typically built with an extra security latch. For prisons, or businesses this added level of security means that they can rest assured that whatever they are protecting stays protected. While the cost of a security access panel may be more than most panels or forms of security, once installed, there is very little to no maintenance required for the access panel.

Whether it is installed internally or externally the security access panel is an investment that pays off ten-fold. Concerned that these panels will be too obvious? They can be hidden behind another panel or a drywall cut-out concealing it even more so. From a business perspective, the last thing they want is to have such a form of security apparent and because of this, they can be installed anywhere. From the wall, ceiling or floor, a security access panel is versatile to meet the needs of the client and what they expect of the panel itself.

Considering an access panel? Maybe you aren’t sure whether or not an access panel is a right choice for you, especially if you are looking to have security as a feature – look no further than a security access panel. These panels are versatile and often will have aspects of other access panels. From being insulated to a double latch or having an air or water-tight feature, these panels are versatile for all the needs of any residential or commercial space. No matter how big or small the project, panels are customizable to suit any need.

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