July 19, 2024

Replacement of Old Plumbing in Chicago with Eco Build Co. to avoid Lead Poisoning

In Chicago, lead poisoning through water is becoming a health threat as most residents consume water that contains lead. Recent researches done in Chicago using tap water shows that water is contaminated with lead. These researches show that most of the water samples taken from houses in Chicago contain lead percentage of above 5 parts per billion. The maximum allowable lead concentration for bottled water is 5 parts per billion. Therefore this lead contamination in tap water results in severe health risks such as brain damage.

Replacement of Old plumbing in Chicago

Reasons for lead contamination in old pipes in Chicago

In Chicago most of the old pipe lines are made of lead which is the reason for this lead contamination. Therefore the main reason for this lead contamination is behind the infrastructure of Chicago. If these old plumbing are replaced with new copper plumbing, the problem can be solved. However this has to be done by home owners individually by replacing their old plumbing in order to avoid lead contamination in their drinking water.

How to protect your drinking water from Lead Contamination?

If you are a Chicago home owner then it is time to think of this lead contamination seriously. Lead is a brain damaging toxin and your tap water may have polluted with it. If your plumbing is still old, the first solution is to replace it with new copper plumbing lines. That will decrease the amount of contamination in water. In Chicago you can easily get the service of Eco Build Co. to replace your old plumbing.

Replacement of Old plumbing in Chicago

Other than replacing old plumbing and until you take decision to replace old lead pipes, below are some of other things that you can do to avoid drinking toxic water.

To Protect Your Drinking Water the first thing you have to do is to test your water. Upon request, most public water systems test the resident’s water. This test results will give you a hint on lead contamination if any, together with the facts on how severe it is.

You can also consider using a water filter that is able to remove ‘total Lead’. You can check specification before buying a water filter and make sure it is certified as suitable to remove ‘total lead’ in water. It is also recommended to use cold water to reduce the lead consumption through water.

Regular Cleaning of faucet aerator is also helpful to remove any trapped lead particles.

Although above steps will reduce the consumption of Lead through water, these steps doesn’t ensure that you avoid the risk of consuming lead. Therefore it is best to replace your old plumbing with new copper pipes that ensure you are not at risk of consuming lead. This small step will save your and your loved ones lives from possible dangers of lead poisoning.

Under the Chicago city plumbing code, individual home owners are responsible for their service lines. Therefore home owners in Chicago have to maintain their service lines including plumbing at their own cost. Therefore it is necessary to home owners to think of what is worth, replacing old plumbing with new plumbing or take other measures to avoid the pollution.

Replacement of Old Plumbing in Chicago with Eco Build Co.

Replacement of Old plumbing in Chicago

You can easily remove old lead pipes of your plumbing and replace it with copper to avoid Lead contamination. This step will eliminate possible health risks due to lead poisoning. To replace your plumbing you can contact Eco Build Co. as they provide professional plumbing service for affordable rates.

Eco Build Co. is a company that serves clients in Chicago area in many services. Their services include building new structures, renovation and other services including plumbing. All these services are done in Eco-friendly way using sustainable and quality products.

As part of their services, Eco Build Co. offers replacement of old plumbing in Chicago which is essential for home owners to avoid health risks of lead poisoning. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, lead poisoning is due to old infrastructure in Chicago. However under the Chicago city plumbing code, individual home owners are responsible for their service lines. This is where you have to find a well experienced and reputed Chicago construction company who knows this lead poisoning issue very well. By contacting Eco Build Co., you can get more details on how they do old plumbing replacement in Chicago and the quality of new water pipes they use. With quality plumbing materials that are suitable for water lines, you will ensure that you or your family members do not consume lead contaminated water. When you replace your old plumbing, it is also necessary to replace the old water faucets and other fittings & accessories to make sure of removing the risk of lead poisoning.

With years of experience in Chicago in different construction related services, team at Eco Build Co. is able to provide professional service on replacing your old plumbing. To get a quotation and for more details on how they do old plumbing replacement, contact them by visiting the website www.ecobuildco.com

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