May 19, 2024

Foundation Repair with Underpinning

Underpinning is one of the most used methods for strengthening an existing building foundation or any other structure. This method is helpful to strengthen existing foundations by giving additional structural support. In the underpinning method, permanent or temporary structural support is provided to improve the bearing capacity.

Need of underpinning

Although underpinning is a remedy to strengthen the foundation, this method is used only if the foundation needs any repair. It can be chemical underpinning or other methods such as pit method or micro-piling, you always need to seek professional advice before proceeding.

 Foundation Repair with Underpinning

Some of the situations that underpinning is needed are as below.

Cracks on the walls are the most common signs that your building needs underpinning. Although cracks are due to settlement of the structure, not all cracks need foundation repairs to be done. Sometimes, small cracks on a newly plastered building can be neglected.

However, if you notice any considerably large cracks on your building walls, this alarms the need for foundation strengthening.

There are also other situations that a structure that needs underpinning. If the soil properties have changed or if there is any new construction nearby that requires deep excavation work, these can create situations that you need to strengthen your existing foundation.

What is the underpinning process? How to Carry out Foundation Repair with Underpinning

Foundation Repair with Underpinning

There are different methods of underpinning for existing structures including chemical underpinning. However, you need professional or expert advice in order to strengthen your foundation with underpinning methods.

If you notice extensive cracks or any other signs that require structural strengthening, you need to contact a professional foundation repair contractor to inspect the structure. A professional underpinning contractor is capable of inspecting your building for necessary foundation repair methods.

If underpinning is necessary, they will advise you including the method of underpinning and cost estimates.

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