April 14, 2024

What Should Be Included in a Roofing Contract?

If you plan construction of your roof or even reroofing your existing roof, it is always important to sign a contract with your roofing contractor. When you discuss the important things to carry out your roof construction project, it is also necessary to write down all these thing to avoid future disputes. This step will also help you to plan your roofing project with best quality with warranties.

What Should Be Included in a Roofing Contract

Usually licensed roofing contractors sign a contract once they agree the price. However, as the homeowner, you need to read and understand your roofing contract before signing it.

Don’t forget that your roofing project is expensive and it is one of the important part of your home. Therefore it is necessary to work with a licenced roofing contractor who is reputed and well experienced in similar projects. Same time, don’t forget that you are dealing with payments and your roofing contractor promise to deliver your roofing project with certain quality. In most cases, the roofing contractor provides an estimation with contract terms and ask you to sign. However, if you find any important part is missing, ask your contractor and clarify before agreeing.

Below are some of the essential details to be included in your roofing contract. However, depending on your work scope, these terms can be different. There may be additional terms that are necessary for your roofing contract.

Project cost

It is necessary to include the agreed cost/estimation for the project. With the cost of project there should include the scope of work that is agreed to carry out. For example, If you think of whole roof construction including fascia boards, but if you find that the proposed estimation is missing this work, you have to clarify that with your roofing contractor before signing.

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Projected Duration

It is important to include the time frame in your roofing contract. Although roofing work heavily depend on the weather conditions, by providing a start date and completion date including construction period will help you to plan your other work including handing over the property for them.

Payment Terms

Payment terms is another important thing to include in your roofing contract. As a home owner, you don’t have to pay all the agreed sum to your roofing contractor before he begins his work. You can pay as the progress goes. However you have to pay an advance payment at the time of signing the agreement. Check and discuss these payment terms with your roofing contractor before signing the roofing agreement.

Information on Warranty

Usually roofing contractors offer a warranty for their workmanship. This warranty period can be from few months to years depending on the work they carry out. Check the contract document for such terms and conditions of the warranty.

Other than the above details, it is also necessary to include installation procedure, termination options and details of variations to your contract including the contact details and the contact person regarding your roofing work.

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