July 18, 2024

Roof Types : Choosing the Right Roofing

If you already have a roof design for your home, then you know what kind of roof your new home will include. However, if you involve in your home design with your ideas and requirements, it is better to know the roof requirements before choosing a type of roof. Below are some of the factors that affect the roof design. Think of these facts and choose the right roofing for your home. You also need to choose the right roofing contractor in order to get it done with the highest quality.

Roof Types

If you get the help of a roof designer then talk with him and share your thoughts while having a better idea of why you want the selected type of roof for your new construction. You can always contact a reputed and quality roofing company for more advice depending on the location you live.

Roof Slope

Roof slope is one of the main factors that decide the roofing type. If you already have a roofing design for your home, you will see roof pitch is mentioned. Otherwise, roof slope is the measure of its rise in inches for every 12 inches horizontally. If the roof slope is high or you need a steeper slope in your roof then roof tiles and shingles are suitable as roof covering. However, if the roof is more flat low pitched, then you can consider other roof materials such as built-up tar or even metal roofing.

Roof Types

Consider Weather Changes

Don’t forget that your roof is the barrier that protects your home and interior from different weather changes. You want to stay in a comfortable and cosy home. So, you want to have a roof that can protect you from rain, wind, snow or even from the heat of the sun depending on the weather and climate of your location. Therefore choose your roof type depending on the weather. Consider the type of roof covering that suits best and go for a roof design considering that type of roof covering. This decision will help you to own a more stable roof for different weather conditions throughout the year.

Durability and easy maintenance

Construction of roof is a costly affair. Depending on the roof material, this cost can be different. However, having a durable roof material is considerably beneficial than low-cost material on your roof. A low-cost roof will need repairs in few years that you have to spend both time and cost. Although you have to maintain your roof in good condition and it is essential to repair your roof when necessary, it is good to choose a roofing material that needs less maintenance. That will protect you from unnecessary maintenance and repair costs in future.

Roof Types

Exterior look & Appearance

Among all you need to own a beautiful and attractive house to live in. Therefore while considering all the above facts, don’t forget the style of your home. Choose a roofing material or roof type that is compatible with the appearance of your home. If you choose traditional architectural styles for your home design, be sure to choose the matching roof that gives more value for your selected traditional style. However, before finalizing your design, compare all the requirements for a roof design and choose the best roofing. Discuss with your architect or even with a roofing contractor for possible options that add value to your home’s exterior look.

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Roof Types

Roof cost

Cost is another factor that decides the type of roof want. Although you want to have an expensive material on your roof you cannot afford it, you may consider some low-cost options. However always consider all the requirements that you want from your home including protection from weather and appearance, choose a roofing material that is affordable for you. Depending on the roofing material, roof installation costs also can differ. Usually, metal roofing is expensive compared to shingles. However, there are different roof shingles for different price ranges. For example, wood shingles can be expensive than asphalt shingles.

Compare all these facts carefully before choosing your roof. You can always seek professional advice if you want more help in choosing the right roof. After all, it is going to be your own home. So, think of having a comfortable and beautiful home with the right roof choice.

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  1. It sure is helpful to know that the exterior look and appearance on roofing would contribute to the overall look of your house and adds aesthetic value. I’m planning on having my dream house constructed by next year, and I want all design considerations to be carefully thought of. I’ll be sure to ask my contractor to give me swatches of different roofing materials so I can pick one for my house. I’ll see to it that the roof design would blend in with the overall aesthetic of the house.

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