July 18, 2024

6 Ways to Improve Your Home Security

Safety is a major concern for those settling in urban. Despite the fact that people have always been concerned about it and have taken measures to keep their houses safe there always happen to be unfortunate cases. While security companies offer great electronic devices and tech equipment to make sure your home is secured from thieves and burglars, you as an individual should also take steps that could help improve your home security. While it is important to install home surveillance equipment in your home, there are ways you can ensure that your home is secure while you are away.  These steps do not involve hard and technical steps that you need to follow to ensure anything but are just simple steps that we often neglect when busy with our schedule. Let’s take a look at how to improve home security.

Ways to Improve Your Home Security
  1. Keep Your Mailbox Clear

Beginning from what comes first to plain visibility that makes your house vulnerable to theft and burglary. The time when you are away for a vacation or a business trip is when is the best time for burglars to attack your property and the simplest trick is to not let them know that you are away. Hence, it is important that you ask a trusted neighbour to collect your posts or inform the post office to keep your mails on hold for a while until you are back. This is the simplest way to avoid suspicion of you being away.

  1. Don’t Hide Your Key Outside the House

While this is a practice that most people follow of hiding your key under the doormat or under a flower pot, this could be as good as inviting a burglar to loot your house. It is fairly easy for an experienced burglar to find a key and if someone has been keeping a track of your activities, it becomes a piece of cake. It is better to invest in a better lock system that unlocks with a passcode or get a few extra keys for whoever the key hiding was intended for.

  1. Automate Your Home Lights

Home automation is not only a convenient way for a comfortable lifestyle but also comes in handy when you are looking for a way to avoid theft. It would be a good way to make sure no one thinks your house is empty if you can switch on some of the lights at night with your smartphone. Even motion-sensing lights in your yard can scare up the burglars worrying about someone watching them if they happen to enter.

  1. Fake Signs

You might not be at the stature to install a high-end security system but how does it harm in showing off that you do have one. Stick signs saying that the house is under camera surveillance and sirens will go off with undeterred activity. Alternatively, you can also use the ‘beware of dogs’ sign outside the gate. Your pet is the burglar’s biggest enemy and you have to use that to your advantage even if you don’t have one. You should have an emergency button near you in case of a theft attempt while you are in the house.

  1. Do Not Publicise

This is something that hardly anyone thinks of but can cause the most damage.  While social media is the heart and soul of most people’s lives, you need to make sure you are publicising within your confined boundary of trustees. Do not post pictures and updates of your vacation if you are account is public and visible to all. Do not underestimate burglars and be smarter than they are to avoid mishaps.

  1. Conceal Your Windows

Windows are believed to be the weakest point of security for any house. This is the easiest way which the burglars select to enter into your house. Install simple sensors on your windows and make sure they have proper locks. Also, avoid having glass near the locks as it can be broken easily to open the locks.

While these were things that will help a ton, there are many things we know of yet fail to realise them. Common sense in such cases is necessary and things, like keeping valuables hidden and not emptying your trash while you are away, should be something you need to be aware of by yourself. Be Safe! Be Happy!

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