July 18, 2024

Find Your Dream Job in UK – Proven Tips for Construction Jobs

Usually construction sector is in demand of industry professionals.This is why engineers,quantity surveyors and even supervisors find it not difficult to find their dream job around the world in most of the countries.And ,of course for a higher salary scale!

Getting a job that fits your profile can be a little difficult without knowing anything about the job market and living condition in the UK. There is a lot of competition and living costs are rising by the day.  Let’s face it – you probably deserve better employment but the job market is not fair, and things will not change overnight. However, it does not mean the end. Widen your horizons a bit and expand the market. Look across the UK and beyond the borders too and you will find a life-changing experience waiting for you.

The Potential in Manufacturing

If there is one industry that will only get bigger, it is manufacturing. Driven by increasing demand, the manufacturing economy of UK is the 11th largest in the world and talent is always in high demand. You can reach out for many temporary and permanent roles. Some of the common designations include those related to mechanical and electrical maintenance, production roles, management roles and engineering roles and many other niche positions.

The Arteries of the Economy

The shipping industry in many ways keeps the world running. The strength of the globalised economy depends on sharp and efficient logistics, which is why this is an industry that is in constant need of new talent and ideas. You can find the right platform and connect with shipping employers to explore opportunities. Some of the hot designations in shipping include fleet managers, chief engineers and chief officers.

The UK’s railway sector is another booming segment with major developmental work planned for the next two decades. From site and project managers to different engineering roles, the railways could be the stage for your big career in the making.

More Industries to Explore

Other segments where you can find a large variety of employment opportunities include fabrication, machining and distribution. After energy, steel and other metal industries comprise the largest sector in the world economy. With a wide spectrum of applications, from construction and infrastructure to packaging and automotive, the metal industry will see a continuous inflow of investment. Put yourself in a place where you can leverage the different opportunities available in one of the core industries of the world. There is a big demand for project managers with backgrounds in civil engineering and fabrication. Some of the other roles which you can apply for include coded welders and product engineers.

Making a career in the field of your choice is not wishful thinking if you look in the right places. Look for experienced consultants who will guide you and introduce you to the different avenues available. Erik Juhler is one of the top recruitment companies with a presence across the UK, Europe and beyond. Place yourself within reach of the nation’s top employers.

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