July 18, 2024

Benefits of a High Efficiency Furnace

Whether you want to replace your old furnace or install a new one, it is always recommended to go for a high-efficiency furnace. According to the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), a high-efficiency furnace has an operating efficiency of 90-96 percent or (AFUE).

This means that High-Efficiency furnaces utilize over 90 percent of the fuel to heat your house and less than 10 percent of the fuel is wasted through the exhaust. Most old furnaces, in comparison, have an AFUE rating of only 60 to 65 percent.

Benefits of a High Efficiency Furnace

In order to fully understand the overall advantages of using high efficiency furnace systems, you can refer to the following points –

Huge cost saving in the long run

Yes, it can be a little costly to install a high-efficiency furnace. However, the product will pay for itself in a few years and you can save a considerable amount on your energy bills in the long run. This is because it uses much less fuel to deliver the same amount of heat when compared to a low-efficiency furnace.

Therefore, it is a good investment. In fact, depending on your location, you may be eligible for rebates and additional incentives.

Long life-span and low maintenance

Due to advanced technology, these High efficiency furnace systems are designed to withstand severe chemical build up and absorb moisture inside the heat exchanger. This results in less strain on the whole system and improves its life span.

High efficiency furnace doesn’t require regular maintenance. Those only require low maintenance as they have a more intelligent on-off cycling program.

Better air quality and even heating

High efficiency furnace systems come with a better filtration system and variable speed motors. So, the air is distributed more evenly inside your home and it is also healthier as you are safe from mold, dust, and other air impurities

Less noise

If you have an older furnace model, then you may be used to a frequent rattling or shaking sound. However, it is not the case with newer models. They have built in good quality sound absorbent materials and as a result those are quiet in operation.

More environment-friendly

If you care about your environment, you will be delighted to know that High efficiency furnaces are safer for our environment than the other low efficiency models. This is because they use one-third less fuel than the older models. Thus, it means we use less natural resources to burn fuels and decrease the release of harmful carbon monoxide emissions in the air.

Better options

Choosing the newer technology also gives you more and better options. For instance you can choose to equip a programmable thermostat in your furnace. This will let you control the temperature of specific rooms inside your house. You can also program them to change the temperature at specific times.

Better resale value of your house

If you plan to sell your house in the near future, it is a smart move to equip your house with a high efficiency furnace. These last longer, so they will remain in a better condition and you can justify the cost by showing their performance as well as the energy savings you have accumulated in their lifespan.

Above are some of the benefits of a high efficiency furnace for a home. Do you own a high efficiency furnace? If not, may be it is time to upgrade to a latest model. It will be a good investment and you will save in the long term.

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