July 18, 2024

4 Tips to Get through Your First Kitchen Remodel

Redesigning or remodelling a kitchen that doesn’t quite gel with your lifestyle is an exciting project and one that requires careful planning and execution. If it’s your first time redoing your kitchen, the process can get taxing both physically and emotionally, particularly when you have to jostle work and other responsibilities alongside dealing with designers and contractors.

Here are four useful tips that will make the experience a lot more pleasant for you and also save you time and money.Also read: Benefits of choosing granite for your kitchen countertop

First Kitchen Remodel

Don’t get carried away

When exploring redesigning ideas with your kitchen designer, it’s easy to get carried away and overshoot your budget. A professional designer will show you all the latest options in terms of materials, appliances and design elements, but a good designer will also give you recommendations based on your budget and help you make informed decisions.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by inflated costs later, stick with your budget from the word go. Let your designer know how much you can spend and ask them to design the project around that ballpark figure.

Don’t go overboard

In order to get the kitchen of your dreams, you may want to make structural changes or reconfigure the existing water and gas network to make space for the redesign; however, before you take the plunge, consider how much more it will cost you in terms of time and money. Choose the simpler route if you don’t want to be stuck with unnecessary renovations that could take a toll on your life and finances.

Also note that re-placing existing plumbing and other infra is costly business, and it’s a hassle you can do without—particularly if you’re going to sell the house in a few years’ time.

First Kitchen Remodel

Don’t hire the cheapest kitchen designer

When looking online for a residential kitchen designer, remember to hire a company that has extensive experience designing and remodeling bespoke kitchens and bathrooms for discerning clients. Don’t fall for extremely low rates, as that may give you heartache later in the form of poor workmanship and tacky design elements you didn’t quite sign up for.

You can get some idea of the expertise, experience and skill of a kitchen designer by looking at the number and type of projects they’ve done so far. Ask for quotes from a couple of designers and go with the one that comes across as a professional keen to do a great job.

Don’t try to cut costs on fixtures, appliances and hardware

While you needn’t buy the most expensive stuff out there, try not to buy the cheapest either. Buy well-priced fixtures and hardware that compliment your aesthetic style and your newly made kitchen. For instance, get faucets that make washing easier, are easy to clean and also save water.

Similarly, if replacing some or all of your appliances, try buying from a single brand to create a uniform and clean look. Look for special offers and deals during the holiday season to get the most value for your buck.

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  1. It’s really such a good reminder when you said not to get carried away when exploring redesigning ideas as this will lead you to overshoot the budget. I must admit that I tend to get so much excited when I plan on redesigning stuff on my house and spend too much of the budget allotted for it. This time, I will be extra careful not to and stick to the budget plan since I am thinking to have my kitchen to be remodeled into a vintage looking place.

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