June 21, 2024

Tips for Choosing a Water Damage Restoration Service

Flooding at home should be handled as soon as possible to prevent extensive damage. Also, quick action will prevent the growth of mold and other microorganisms that are harmful to human health. A water damage restoration service provider will help clean up your home and repair any structural damage that occurs after a water disaster. However, not every company that shows up on Google search will do a good job of restoring your house to its norm. Thus, even though you are in a hurry to get the mess fixed, a little research is essential. So how do you choose a good company within the shortest time possible? Consider the following tips

Make a List of at Least Five Companies

The first step is to make use of Google or Yelp to find a number of companies offering water damage restoration services in your area. If you know someone who has been in your situation before, call them up and ask for the contact information of the company they used. The good thing about getting a referral from a friend or colleague is that you won’t have to do a lot of research on the reputation and expertise of the company.

Registration and Insurance

Next, check whether the companies you identified in step one have registration and insurance and cancel the ones that don’t have the two. With an insured company you will have peace of mind knowing that any damage to your property during the restoration process will be covered.


Reputable water damage restoration experts hold different certifications. A good example is the IICRC certification. Contractors may hold other certifications based on their areas of specialization. Talk to the company directly and ask them about their training and certifications for their team. Serious contractors will invest in training to boost their skills and ensure they deliver services safely to their customers.


In addition to certification, ask the company what equipment they have for the job. A company that has invested in high quality and advanced equipment will not only complete the job faster but they will also do a perfect job

Experience in Dealing with Insurance Companies

Can they help with your insurance company? If the contractor can follow up with your insurance company, that will be an added advantage. Claims can be complicated and thus if you have never submitted one before, go with a contractor who can help you out.


Finally, review the reputation of the company. The last thing you want is to work with a contractor who will be disrespectful or even leave the job poorly or halfway done. Check whether the company has any reviews and talk to them personally to gauge their attitude.

When you find a company that passes all the tests above, go ahead and request a quotation. However, don’t make any commitments until you confirm that they are available to get started immediately. And finally, ensure you get a contract clearly defining the job to be completed and payment terms. It will be difficult to file a complaint against the company without any proof that you hired them.

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  1. I wanted to thank you for this advice for finding a water damage restoration service. You mentioned it’s important to check the equipment the company has and see if they have advanced equipment. I’m interested to learn if you should research what the new equipment is like so you can see if a restoration company is using it.

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