May 16, 2024

Choosing a Plumbing Company in South Africa

For any home there are many incidents that you must hire a professional and well experienced plumber. Therefore it is always important to know how to hire a plumber in any urgent situation such as clogged drain or blockage of your waste pipes. In case if you look for a plumber in South Africa, here is our guide to find a reliable and experienced plumber.

When do you need a plumber?

Well, if you build a new home or any new commercial space, then you must hire a plumbing company to install your water and sanitary pipes. However in case if you already own a house, still you will need to hire plumbers in different situations.

Choosing a Plumbing Company in South Africa

Some of the emergency situations include clogged drains, burst pipes and blocked waste pipes. Can you imagine such situation at home? Therefore it is always wise to keep contact details of a plumber who serves your area in South Africa.

Other plumbing requirements for any home include detecting leaky pipes, bathroom and kitchen renovation including installing plumbing & sanitary fittings, repairing any running toilets and clearing of septic tanks.

Things you should check for choosing a plumbing company in South Africa

Well, we checked and contacted few plumbing contractors in South Africa including a Gauteng based company to get details on special things to consider when finding a plumbing company in South Africa. While most of the details and tips are similar to finding a plumbing company in any location, below are some of the specific things that you need to know.

Always hire licensed plumbers

In South Africa, it is illegal for any person to serve as a plumber if they do not have relevant plumber license. Therefore before you hire any plumbing company check whether their staff is qualified or not. You can ask them whether they are registered with PIRB or not. PIRB is the Plumbing Industry Registration Board for South Africa plumbers.

Check the level of experience

If you look for hiring a plumber for your home or commercial space in South Africa, it is also necessary to check the level of experience they own. If you choose a plumbing company who simply hire beginners of the industry, you may end up with more leaks and issues than solving your plumbing issue correctly. Well, after all you will spend more too.

Choose a plumber who specifically serve your local area

If you choose a plumber who specifically serve your local area, then it is one of the reasons to hire him simply because they know the area very well. Sometimes it is necessary to have an idea about authority submission requirements, soil condition and knowledge about existing pipe and sanitary network for the specific region for the plumber. With such knowledge, they can do a better plumbing and sanitary job than wasting both time and money. Therefore look for a plumber who serve specially your area. For example if you are from Gauteng then look for a Gauteng based company for your plumbing work done. You will not regret it!

With above tips, we are sure that you will hire the best plumbing company of South Africa who serves your local area.

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