May 17, 2024

Safety Measures In A Substation

‘Don’t fix the unbroken’ This holds true in all walks of life but could cost you a pretty penny in the utility business.

Substation maintenance companies are effectively engaged with substation support and examinations. These companies are well aware that planned upkeep will guarantee a sheltered and monitored work environment, just as the efficient performance of your gear.

Safety Measures In A Substation

Upkeep and Inspections

For what reason is upkeep essential? Well-being and unwavering quality are affected each time normal support is compromised or delayed. Technicians must adopt a proactive strategy in eliminating potential issues before they happen, to limit the costs, loss of productivity, and harm to the hardware and potentially property. These procedures will guarantee that the electrical hardware will work appropriately – and securely.

Substation Maintenance is a pre-emptive necessity intended to help keep up the reputation of the substation and expand the life of essential resources. Bill Johnson from says that utility maintenance programs should make it their goal to interrupt service as little as possible and only when there is scheduled downtime. Scheduling maintenance annually can save the loss of valuable time later. 


Prior to entering any substation, our circuit testers are prepared to lay out a visual review of the facility. This means that safety professionals conduct examinations and investigate the substations to ensure ground safety and equipment functionality.


Physical assessments are investigations that require the station hardware to be taken down and disconnected, de-energized and examined. Most maintenance companies will cover complete maintenance from cleaning to painting and restoring. They are well equipped to ensure safety in the area where the equipment functions.

Wellbeing and Safety

Substation maintenance companies are required to comply with all the applicable regulations based around electrical work and their employees must be given training in this regard. They must be aware of the high-tension and dangerous environment they are setting foot into. Studies have shown that the most common cause of occupational electrocution is the lack of proper training.

As a substation, one must endeavor to bring this number down to zero and eliminate any potential risks. New workers must be accompanied by older employees so they can effectively learn the ropes. All specialists must comply with the guidelines set down by the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). All workers must abide by these guidelines before they even set foot into these highly controlled environments.

It is safe to say that you are working securely? In a controlled environment, it is wise not to let in any visitors. With high power, expensive equipment which is highly specialized; only professionals with specialization must be allowed. Never let in unauthorized persons or vehicles. In the rare case that you do have to let in guests, ensure that they are accompanied by a person in authority. Vehicles must not be too tall or they could hit the equipment. An untrained eye can’t distinguish the machines from one another, so if there are vehicles to be taken inside, get them examined and ensure they will not cause harm.

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